If you decided to sell your property in the Algarve you can call for our services to try and find a potential buyer.


This contract for sale is confirmed at, Sociedade de Mediacao Imbiliaria Lda, by the signing of a contract drawn up by the Portuguese State. A broker licensed in Portugal has the possibility to develop and use his own draft sales contracts, provided that he is controlled and approved by the Portuguese version of the Consumer Centre (DECO, Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor, a state institution representing the rights of consumers). In any case, every real estate agent active in Portugal is obliged to be able to submit a contract to the INCI (Institituto da Construcao e do Imobiliaria, another state institution that regulates and controls the real estate activities). has decided to use the contract developed by the Portuguese State, which automatically collects all the data required by law and thus excludes any doubt and/or ambiguity. A reassuring feeling, both for the broker and for the seller, and of course it makes a more serious impression towards potential buyers.

As a service, we also provide you with a free translation into English, Dutch or German. Of course, only contracts signed and registered in Portuguese are legally valid.

The contract for sale is free. will search for potential buyers after signing the contract. In the event that a definitive buyer is found and a (preliminary) contract (with the transfer of ownership rights as use) is signed (contrato promessa de compra e venda and/or escritura) you pay a success commission (described in the sales order), both the amount of the commission and the time of payment are reported exactly. has several advertising campaigns in place to promote your property. This way you will have your own Internet presence with numerous quality images, and your property will also be placed in search engines. By maintaining close contacts with various fellow brokers, we can also offer an enhanced presentation of your property via their network. All these advertising measures and partnerships are inclusive of the commission, you only pay if the deal is successful!

Throughout the project, whenever you use our services, we are always at your side with advice and assistance, and you can count on an extremely reliable service. However, we cannot and do not want to give you a guarantee of success, too many external uncontrollable factors play a role here, we would like to inform you personally how the Portuguese real estate market works.